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Choosing the right window treatments for your home gives you the ability to control the privacy and the amount of light you get in your rooms and also improves their appearance. Blinds neatly cover your windows. For your next supplies for your blinds, consider us. We have the best, and high quality blinds in Perth.

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We’ll arrange a visit at your convenience to listen to your requirements and check which style and type of blind will work the best to fulfill your needs within the budget you dedicated to it and all these services are 100% FREE OF CHARGE!

More about our blinds

Blinds contribute in making your home beautiful in an uncluttered way. For this reason, you should choose the best and the most trustworthy company to purchase from. Here is why you should consider us when shopping for your next blinds.

  1. We Have a Variety of Blinds That Ensure Total Privacy

Our locally manufactured blinds are available in a variety of forms. We have any type of blind that you can imagine. Whether you want verticals or Venetians, rollers or Romans we have them all. We at PANEZA Window Fashions ensure customer satisfaction by providing them with a range of options. This is what makes us the leading company selling blinds in Perth.

  1. We Have the Movable As Well As the Manual Blinds

We care for our customers that is why we have both the traditional blind for those who prefer them and the modern curtains. If you also want to automate your home and have everything including your curtains up to date with technology, we offer motorized solutions on our Romans, cellular and imitation timber Venetians. And don’t worry about installing them. Our team of expert installers ensures that you are totally satisfied with the installation. So whether you want to set these blinds as stand-alone features or incorporate them into a full home automation system, all you have to do is make the call.

  1. Our Blinds Are Available In a wide range of fabrics, colors and finished

We understand that everyone is different and everyone has a unique taste and preference. That is why we make our blinds with different materials so that we don’t limit our customer selection. We have PVC and lead-free fabrics and Oeko Tex fabrics which apart from being durable they are also free of chemicals. It is this reason that makes PANEZA Window Fashions the choice of many families in Perth.

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Some Types of Blinds We Offer

Roller Blinds

Considering the kind of climate in Perth, you will want to choose blinds that enable you to control the light and heat that enter your home. Roller and Sunscreen blinds are designed to suit your needs and give the maximum value. We have roller blinds in different fabrics including translucent, block out, screen and metalized. If you are looking for stylish and fully functional window curtains, then we suggest that you try these type of blinds. You also have the power to decide whether you want a metal chain or a motorized.

We stay on top of the game by ensuring that we provide blinds with fabric squareness. Our incredible cutting table helps us to this during the production. We guarantee high-quality roller blinds that come with exciting coloured rails to pair with matching pelmets.

On the other hand, our sunscreen blinds protect your home from UV rays and allow just enough light to enter. We recommend sunscreen colours since they provide better insulations as compared to the others. We use aluminium backed fabrics on our Sunscreen blinds that always give efficient insulation and don’t depend on any colour.

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Why Our Roller Blinds?

  • We coat our fabrics with stain release so that cleaning of the blinds is easy. And warm soapy water does not affect some of our rollers making them the best for kitchens.
  • Our Roller Blinds are locally manufactured here in Perth by our PANEZA Window Fashions team
  • Our fabrics are 100% square because we have one of a kind cutting tables. Hence you don’t have to worry about the fabric moving onto the controls and damaging the edges. We also have the latest fabric cutting technology that helps us to manufacture uncoated and screen materials.
  • We use metal chain for finishing, but for those who love modern blinds, we also offer motorization.
  • Our installers are highly skilled experts.
  • As we care about our customers, all our rollers meet with child safety standards.

If you still want more information on our roller blinds in Perth, feel free to give us a call.


Vertical Blinds

Versatility is one of the factors you should consider when buying blinds. Vertical blinds are not just pocket-friendly, but they are also versatile. They allow you to control the amount of light entering your home. Washing them is easy, and we have a variety of fabrics to choose from.

good quality blinds in Perth VA


Roman Blinds

In fact, Roman Blinds should be categorized under the Curtains section despite their name. We supply two different lines from them. The first type is fully custom-made roman blinds made by your choice of fabric lined with a quality lining to provide 100% Blockout performance suitable for bedroom windows or TV rooms. The other line of roman blinds is made by materials used for Roller blinds(as shown in the following picture) which you can choose between Blockout or light-filtering fabrics.

Both types of Roman Blinds have their unique style and beauty you can’t get on other types of blinds.

We are well-known for providing the best quality Roman Blinds in Perth.

All types of Roman Blinds can be upgraded to motorized blinds.

PANEZA Window Fashions Roman Blinds Perth


Venetian Blinds

Looking for curtains that allow light control and at the same time ensuring privacy? Venetians are right here for you. Our Venetian curtains are made locally with our manufacturers, and so we guarantee that they will perfectly fit your windows. Once our customer has ordered the blinds, we cut, drill, and assemble according to the specific measurement of our client. We have these blinds in a variety of colors. And since we use high-quality fabrics, our curtains do not crack, warp or fade quickly.

Blinds ensure privacy and security in your home and give you control over the amount of light that can pass through your windows. You should purchase your blinds in Perth from reputable companies and who else other than PANEZA Window Fashions? So whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home, feel free to contact us.

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