Custom Made Curtains for Perth’s Conditions

The harsh Australian conditions can be quite unforgiving. Not all solutions made for other climatic regions to works perfectly in Australia. Therefore, we went back to the drawing board and came up with our unique and innovative liner designs that specifically suit our region’s weather and factor in the fluctuations that exist throughout the year.

With the use of the finest materials and technology, our liner materials come with additional warranties from the manufacturer in a bid to assure you of quality and durability on the purchase of our products. You can rest easy, enjoy knowing that we have your back with the functional curtains, and protect your investment through our warranty on your curtains too.

Light filtering

Uncontrolled light into a room can be quite discomforting as well as a health hazard to your eyes. However, this depends on the space purpose; say an office that may need more light than your bedroom. You can call or visit us for a consultation on what best suits the space you are looking forward to getting the curtains to get the right fit.



Blockout Curtains

Curtains become an essential part of a house for either privacy and personal space or comfort by blocking out the unwanted light from the outside. To achieve this effect takes a lot than just having an old fabric for a curtain on your window or door.


At our company, we understand the need to have a functional and effective solution to such a challenge and have come up with innovative ways such as the block out curtains or the separately lined curtains to keep your privacy and block the environmental light that could be a nuisance within your living space.

Lined Curtains:

It is no doubt the most favorite option for most of our clients is one of the most functional and effective in blocking out the light glare from the piercing through the window into their Bedroom. The special coating on the inner side of the lining we use for these type of curtains has several layers of UV resistant coating and works great on %100 blocking out the light and UV to keep the space cool and dark as it should be.


Sheer curtains

Letting in the light crucial for space, but this comes at the expense of your privacy with open windows. However, with our sheers, you can achieve the same result while maintaining your privacy at the same time.

The sheers are made from natural linens or shiny organza that can be adjusted to fit and match any style you have in mind. The sheers come in different styles and varieties to complement any decoration in place. Coloured sheers can also help change the lighting color in the room to whatever color and mood you would wish to achieve.

The sheers come as a perfect solution for spaces that risk the direct sunlight glares that make the stay uncomfortable and raise the room temperature. They help to break the harsh light rays and only let in the soft light that naturally illuminates the space and regulates the temperature too.

Combine the sheers and the block out blinds work hand in hand to give the ultimate window solutions both during the day and during the nights. We at PANEZA Window Fashions curtains provide the whole solution package and have a wide array of sheers that suit every space and character.

Why choose sheer curtains from us:

  • Our sheers are locally manufactured at Perth by our dedicated team of experts who ensure workmanships every sheer from our factory.
  • We use the finest quality sheer fabrics that have Oeko-Tex certification, which means it, passes all the stringent regulations and is safe for human use.
  • We use modern machines during the manufacturing process thus can guarantee the consistency of each product that reaches you
  • We also offer after-sale services such as the installation of the sheers to ensure you get the sheers fitted by qualified professionals correctly. Just buy any of our products and you can leave the rest to us.
PANEZA Window Fashions Perth Sheer Curtains


Having our company locally allows us to be quick and effective in delivering orders especially those that are to be custom made to suit individuals. We have a wide of array fabrics at our disposal where you can choose from different colors, parents, the texture you name it. It is a one-stop-shop for matters to do with curtains and sheers for your space.

A one-stop solution to style for any space:

If you looking for a unique kind of style, make a point of visiting us to get your needs to be met. With our team of professionals who have been tasked to get your needs and translate the information into workable solutions. They help in coming up with custom curtains that are unique, unlike what you will find in the retail stores.

Design customization that goes beyond the curtains:

We understand that all of us have the need to have functional curtains. However, we do not let this limit the creativity of our clients. Therefore, we have given a provision for customers to dictate what they would love to see hanging in their house windows. We give room for you, our client to design and customize their dream curtains and sheers. You get what you asked for.

Locally made in Western Australia with care:

As a Local Business, we do not compromise on quality. We have strict inspection measures that ensure that only the best of the fabrics and finished products are releases to our clients on a timely basis.

We have been among the best companies in the country in providing curtain solutions of any kind in the market, from small households to big and commercial spaces. We also have a good record in our services delivery and quality products to clients we have worked with previously which makes us the team to beat when it comes to our competitors.



The pelmets have been gaining popularity of late, with their decorative finishing on the windows. They bring about a stylish finish at the same time offering practical use as they improve on the insulation properties of the curtains.

They come in floral patterns that can fit well in any curtain or blinds. They also help in blending and hiding the curtain mechanisms resulting in a flawless finish of the whole installation. They also come in handy in heat insulation as they block against the direct sun from the outside thus regulating the room temperature.

We have the pelmets available in various shapes, sizes, and trims for you to pick from.

Why choose pelmets from us:

  • Our pelmets are locally made in our Perth manufacturing company by our team of professionals who have impeccable workmanship thus the finished product is of the highest quality.
  • We have the pelmets padded to give the illusion and actual soft touch, which also helps in improving the insulation properties too.
  • We offer pelmets made of curtain fabrics that can match up with the curtains themselves, which are unique, and offers an increased range for one to choose from
  • We offer installations services to ensure that any of our products are installed in the right way taking care of every small detail for a perfect final job.
  • We have the pelmets piped for the quality and high-end look finish to suit any customization look.



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