Plantation Shutters Internal or External, Polymer or Aluminium

Shutters greatly help in improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. To make matters even better you have the opportunity to tailor and configure your shutters to suit your taste and preference. Window shutters ranging from stained to painted solutions can help you in making a decorative statement for your home.

Did you know that shutters can easily blend with both traditional and modern home settings? Moreover, with the aid of PANEZA Window Fashions consultants, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and frames.

Are you looking for the best shutters in Perth? Well, you are in the right place. We have a variety of dark, cream, and white stains for you. Plus, we have frame options that range from simple to architectural designs.

The great thing about plantation shutters is that they can be tailored to suit any shape of the windows. We have a suitable material composition for windows exposed to wet environments too. We pride ourselves in not only having the most appealing window shutters, but they are also heavily built to last a while and are quite functional.

Wondering which is the best shutter style? This can be a tricky situation it’s why we strongly advise that you make an effort of contacting us. Then, one of our representatives will set an appointment in your own house to help you pick the best shutter style.

Plantation Window Shutters Perth


Different Types of Shutters We Supply:

Polymer Plantation Shutters (Internal)

Stylish, Water-resistant, Engineered Polymer, Non-Toxic

Shutters are made from a water-resistant, engineered polymer extrusion using only high-quality virgin powder derived from Taiwan. The extrusion withstands high temperatures, making this shutter the ideal choice for Australia’s harsh environment.

Our factory paints all materials by machine in a contained environment, which guarantees a high quality finish every time. They use a low VOC solvent-free waterborne paint with a UV inhibitor to provide a hard-wearing finish for maximum durability throughout everyday use.

25 Years Warranty

Every panel is co-extruded with metal inserts for strength and durability and constructed with high strength joints. All frames are assembled with tough nylon keys and metal screws, which means the shutter won’t sag, split, crack or warp. A claim we stand by with our fully transferrable 25-years warranty.

Wide range of Styles & Designs

is available in a wide range of modern flat style and frame options as well as traditional beaded choices, with 7 modern paint colors to choose from. The 64mm, 89mm or 114mm louvers close both upward or downward into the “Euro-close” top and bottom rail system, which provides you with maximum flexibility for control of light and airflow.

Shutters are available in hinged or bi-fold hinged panels with non-mortise hinges, track bifold and sliding shutters, and a variety of special shapes. Track systems include clear anodized aluminum top and bottom track with high-quality hardware, and box outboards are made from the same quality polymer extrusion with a machine painted finish.


Basswood Plantation Shutters (Internal)

Lightweight, Natural and Durable

Premium Basswood is the best timber for constructing internal plantation shutters due to its lightweight and affordability, compared to fellow hardwoods Western Red Cedar, Maple, or Oak. Although there are less expensive timbers again such as Poplar and Paulownia (Phoenixwood) readily available in the window furnishings industry, it is worth understanding the differences in hardwood so you can assist your customer to make a well-informed decision, and protect your reputation in doing so.

As one of the straightest of hardwoods, Basswood has excellent dimensional stability and strength and does not warp, making it a superior timber for shutters and the preferred choice of quality manufacturers. Basswood has tight pores and fine uniform texture with an indistinct grain. This means it can be sanded and painted or stained to a very smooth and consistent, high-quality finish.

A very lightweight hardwood, Basswood cuts easily with, and across the grain and has superior gluing and screwing properties. Basswood has no odor, not even during woodworking, and is very low in resin and tannins that often bleed through paint finish with other timbers if not prepared accordingly.

Basswood is a fast-growing tree, native to most of the northern hemisphere. Responsible forest management balances growth throughout the logging process, making Basswood a renewable resource, with the U.S alone growing almost twice the amount as it harvests.

5 Years Warranty

Our basswood range of timber plantation shutters come with 5 Years Warranty

Wide range of Styles & Designs

      • 12 stains
      • 5 paint colors
      • Custom color option
      • Does not warp
      • Mortise and tenon joints
      • Light in weight yet very strong
      • 64mm, 89mm or 114mm louvers
      • Flat and beaded frames and stiles
      • Hinged and bifold hinged panels
      • Track bifold and bypass layouts
      • Rakes and special shapes


Aluminium Internal Shutters

Newest Design, Luxurious Look, Wide Panels

ENCORE Inside is the newest concept in plantation shutters. Made from an internal strength aluminum extrusion that withstands high temperatures, ENCORE exceeds current industry standards in panel widths for polymer or wood shutter panels. This makes it the ideal choice for Australia’s architectural homes. A luxurious internal product to suit wide expanses of glass or any common window or door where maximum views are required.

  • Widest panel widths in the industry
  • 89mm elliptical louvers with micro end caps
  • Smooth, clean lines with modern frames and stiles
  • Luxurious satin Powdercoat – exterior grade quality
  • 6 on-trend paint colors PLUS custom color option

The satin finish INTERPON Powdercoat is cosmetically appealing, making ENCORE the clever choice for internal applications as it looks just like painted wood or polymer shutters at a glance without the upkeep or inherent problems associated with wood shutters or the weight of polymer panels.

ENCORE’s patented micro louver cap design provides for minimal light gaps between louver and stile, and the modern flat style and frame design complements any contemporary home. The first true internal aluminum shutter on the market, ENCORE Inside has a solid top and bottom rails without expansion joints, making it stand put from traditional external aluminum shutters.

25 Years Warranty

Engineered for strength, all panels and frames are constructed with high-grade aluminum for ultimate durability to withstand Australia’s extreme environment. A claim we stand by with our fully transferrable 25-year warranty.


Aluminum External Shutters

Durable, Stylish, Safe

Our ENCORE External Shutter is made from a high strength aluminum extrusion that withstands high temperatures and Australia’s harsh environment.

The solvent-free, high gloss Powdercoat is supplied by the world’s leading Powdercoat manufacturer, Akzonobel, the parent company of DULUX. ENCORE is available in traditional beaded stiles and frame options, and 89mm or 114mm louvers finished in one of 4 modern paint colors, with the ability to custom paint to your liking.

Additional options include louver locks, panel locks, flush bolts, dual tilt rod, fly screens, fixed or operable louvers, and angled shapes.

15 Years Warranty

Panels are constructed with stainless steel hardware as standard for ultimate durability, a claim we stand by with our fully transferrable 15-year warranty.